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What is EZ-Roll Holder ?

EZ-Roll Holder is a paper towel holder which can be attached any where. 

How is it different from a traditional paper towel holder?

The versatility of this product makes it a one of a kind paper towel holder. A traditional paper towel holder can only be placed on a table top or on a flat surface and they hard to carry outdoors because they are too bulky.  Other paper towel holders can be attached on a wall or under the cabinet. To install them we need to use drills and tools, and they are pretty much permanent once installed.

EZ-Roll holder is compact, light weight, and to install it no tools are required. Its easy to install and remove, therefore makes it the most versatile paper towel available in the market. 

Why don't I just use a simple bungee chord to hang the paper towel roll?

You most certainly can and that is where I started. But after dispensing few sheets you will see that the bungee chord will start tearing the paper towel roll from inside. Not just that you will also see the roll bend in since there is no ridgit support in the center. Therefore the roll will be completely useless after few uses. 

EZ-Roll not only prevents the roll from tearing apart but also prevents the user from dispensing freely and wasting sheet. The tension from the bungee chord helps it from free dispensing.

Where can I buy this product?

EZ-Roll holder is available on and

How can I adjust the tension on the bungee chord?

EZ-Roll Holder's unique feature is its ability to hold the paper towel roll snugly to its surrounding. But when the roll gets thinner a little adjustment is needed so the roll is snug. This can be done by looping the bungee chord once or twice on each of its end. This way the paper towel roll is secure and easily accessible to the users. 


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