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The Idea !!!

In 2009 we had our first child.  We were on the road with her , always carrying a tissue box and/or paper towel roll with us. But the problem was at the time of the need they were never accessible. I searched for a product what can help  me with this problem. I found a product but the problem with that  was the tissue holder required a refill packet that was only manufactured by the same company. It could hold tissues on the sun visor which was not very accessible from the back of the car. So I came up with the idea of EZ-Roll holder. This not only solved my problem in the car but also I realized that I can use it anywhere. I started carrying one to the park attached on the stroller so when we would go for a walk and if the baby spilled food or drink we could easily clean up the mess. I started getting a lot of positive feedback from people around me so I decided to turn this into an actual product and offer it to the consumers.

After many prototypes I finally came up with this design for the EZ-Roll holder. Its unique design helps the user to affix the paper towel roll securely at one place, and move to if needed to another place without having to use a tool. Its compact enough to carry it in a back pack or a picnic basket. Its design in such a way that it helps to hold the paper towel holder by it self without having to hang with any object. This prevents the roll from unwinding and wasting paper towels. 

Hopefully you will find this product as useful as we did. Your feedback is always valued at Lokhandwala LLC and we look forward to hear from you.  We would love to hear about your experience with product and any improvements that you would like to see in the product.  Please provide us with your feedback, comments or concerns at

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